I consider the day we found Sabrina as one lucky day! My recently departed mother had left me with a house filled to the rafters: it was literally "shovel-ready". To compound the situation, I live 300 miles away and was tied down with medical issues. I gave Sabrina the key to the house and  kept waiting for a phone call that she was giving-up! But, four months later she had conducted 3 estate sales during some of the worst Kansas winter weather and virtually emptied the house and donated the remainder.  Everything was fully documented to include inventories for tax purposes and I was kept informed every step of the way. All the pricing seemed fair and she was mindful of valuable and personal items that were handled according to my directions.

Integrity, dedication, and hard work describe Sabrina's ethics in this difficult estate-sale business. Hope you are as lucky as I was.

Falko, of Fayetteville, Arkansas.   2014